EECI is back!
What's the latest?

EECI is back at its European birthplace and better than ever! Packed with internationally renowned speakers, a brand new programme and lots of social events, EECI is bringing the best of the community to Leiden.
The ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter Conference will take place from 2010-09-29 until 2010-10-01 in Leiden, The Netherlands.

DevDay! What to expect?
By Robert on 24th June 2010
Join us for a dedicated and interactive 12-hour event for ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter developers, designers and business professionals who want to learn how to successfully design, build and market ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter driven websites and webapps. DevDay! will be about:

CONCEPT: Learn valuable skills and expert tips on how-to design and deploy successful ExpressionEngine websites
CODE: Bring your coding and templating skills to the next level. Participate in presentations and workshops run by leading international authorities in the ExpressionEngine community.
CREATIVITY: Solve design issues and master new techniques to fully charge your creativity.
No other event in the world provides this level of quality content, learning and sharing opportunities targeted for ExpressionEngine enthusiasts.

We're back in Europe!
By Chris on 15th June 2010
After an exciting conference in ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter's homeland, we're back in Europe for this year's second edition of the premier conference for EE and CI users. Expect a brand new programme, fresh topics from the best practitioners in the world and heaps of moments to socialize with speakers and other attendees. We're still working on the details, so please keep an eye on the website.

New to EECI: DevDay!

By Robert on 14th June 2010
On Friday October 1st we'll have a 12-hour DevDay planned for you. A team of highly experienced coders and designers will guide you on this day whilst developing stuff for EE. In between we have small sessions that will cover specific topics. Of course we won't forget to feed you and serve you some drinks.

No separate CI track?
By Robert on 11th June 2010
You CodeIgniter lot are an astute bunch, so you have probably noticed there is no separate CI track this time. There will of course still be plenty of CodeIgnited talk, but it will all be ExpressionEngine related. If that’s just not enough CI for you, there is the 100% CodeIgniter-only conference “CICON2010” in Britstol, UK this August, with some more fantastic speakers.

Once again, EECI2010 will be held in the middle of historic Leiden. Easily reachable by public transport and close to bars and pubs alike, De Stadsgehoorzaal Theatre is the place to be!

EECI2010 US on DVD?
That's right! If you couldn't make it to EECI2010 US, no worries! We'll bring EECI-in-a-box to you. Now you can order your Conference DVD* and watch 19 sessions, interviews and lots of bonus stuff just when it suits you.
The DVD will be shipped within three weeks after the conference. Order your copy now!
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