The schedule below is subject to change.

MasterClass Day

Date: Monday, May 31th

With regard to format, we’re still ironing out the details, but you can expect a very interesting MasterClass Day aimed at all levels of EE/CI developers and designers, given by EE and CI Pro's. The following tracks will be offered:

8h track: Building websites with ExpressionEngine.
8h track: Start Developing with CodeIgniter

4h track: Building Dynamic Templates for EE
4h track: Using Version Control for Rapid Deployment.
4h track: Building add-ons for EE2.0 (Advanced)
4h track: Advanced CodeIgniter Programming.

Tickets for the MasterClass day will be sold seperately from the conference. You'll find more information under "Tickets".

In the evening we will have a “Welcome to EECI2010 Drink”. Details of the location will be announced later.

Conference Day 1

Date: Tuesday, June 1st
Day 1 of the EECI2010 conference will start with four general talks. After lunch, we'll offer you a series of talks in two tracks - your choice of EE or CI.

In the evening we will have the "EECI2010 PartEE Night". More details of this party will be announced later. Time
08:00 Registration
08:50 Opening comments
09:00 Opening Keynote by Leslie Camacho
09:30 Simon Collison
10.30 Coffee Break
11:00 Derek Jones
12:00 To be announced
13:00 Break / Lunch (provided)
Time EE Track CI Track
14:00 Jamie Pittock
Thomas Myer
15:05 Lea Alcantara
Jamie Rumbelow
16:05 Coffee Break
16:30 Leevi Graham
Derek Allard
17:35 Ryan Irelan
To be announced
18:35 Closing conference Day 1

Conference Day 2

Date: Wednesday, June 2nd

Day 2 of EECI2010 is your à la carte menu. You can choose any three of the nine two-hour talks on EE or CI. The other nine will be put on a DVD and sent to you after the conference. How cool is that?!

As soon as the talks are over, we'll organize a well deserved cold beer - or soda.
Room Presentations / Workshops 10:00 - 12:00

A Travis Schmeisser
B Leslie Flinger
C To be announced
D Brandon Kelly
12:00 - 13:30 Break / Lunch (provided)

Room Presentations / Workshops 13:30 - 15:30
A Lodewijk Schutte
B Michael Boyink
C To be announced
D To be announced
15:30 - 16:00 Coffee Break

Room Presentations / Workshops 16:00 - 18:00
A Greg Wood
B Mark Huot
C Jamie Rumbelow
D To be announced

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