Introducing the speakers for EECI2010 US

For EECI2010 US, we’ll continue to bring only the very best and most topical presentations. We've made every effort to carefully select brilliant speakers with real value to offer to the community. Look forward to fresh presentations from the best EE and CI practitioners, all carefully curated to ensure attendees get maximum value from the conference. We're thrilled with this line-up, and we hope you are too!

More info about the speakers
Rick Ellis
Rick Ellis has a diverse background in media technology, having worked in creative and technical capacities on interactive projects for Disney, to feature films for Oliver Stone, and almost every kind of web-based project in-between. EllisLab is the culmination of his passion for the internet and a desire to enable people to use it in meaningful ways.

Leslie Camacho
Leslie is a father, husband, nerd, and proud of all three. He loves life and has been helping people succeed online since 1994. You can follow his adventures at and on Twitter (@knight777).

Simon Collison Leslie Camacho
With a track-record of implementing EE-based sites since 2004, Simon is one of the original evangelists. In 2006 he co-founded Erskine Design with an ambition and desire to do exceptional things. He’s helped build a talented team of designers and developers whose clients range from Frieze and EllisLab through to government orgs and polar explorers.
Simon has a long-running blog and has written bestselling web books, including the first publication to cover EE. He’s also a recognised speaker on subjects from process and research through to design and development.

Derek Jones Simon Collison
Derek is a former video producer and graphic designer hailing from Illinois. He knew that programming was his true calling after realizing that whenever he met new people he would greet them with "Hello World." He likes to keep an eye on the future and an eyebrow raised at social networking. Derek now operates as the CTO of EllisLab, helping to make the company's endeavors a reality.

Thomas Myer
Thomas Myer is the owner of Triple Dog Dare Media, an Austin, TX based web consulting firm, founded in 2001. For the past 7 years he has built hundreds of web applications for dozens of companies, as well as served as technical team lead, trainer, writer, and information architect.
He is the author of five books (No Nonsense XML Web Development with PHP [SitePoint], Lead Generation on the Web [O’Reilly], Professional CodeIgniter [WROX], From Geek to Peak [Nimble], and Mac OS X UNIX Toolbox [Wiley]) as well as dozens of articles on PHP, Web scripting, Web security, and small business topics. He has been a web developer, speaker, author, technical writer, and freelance journalist, as well as a former graduate student in English and Linguistics.

Ryan Irelan
Ryan Irelan builds and extends content management systems for both small and large websites. He has created software to power product marketing websites and digital book publishing and to enable social networking. Ryan is also a noted expert on the ExpressionEngine content management system, having authored a wildly popular set of training videos for ExpressionEngine developers.
Also involved in the technology publishing field, Ryan co-authored The Business Podcasting Book (2007, Focal Press), is the Production Director of A List Apart Magazine, and is currently writing a book on developing websites with ExpressionEngine.

Lea Alcantara
Lea Alcantara is often hired to kill bad design, with her weapon of choice, ExpressionEngine. She has been an active part of the web, designing and developing for 10 years, and through her efforts, has been considered one of the best women designers in the world and an amazing female role model for web designers. She has been published on several online publications including Design-in-Flight, Digital Web, and A List Apart. Most recently, she participated in a .net magazine "Build Off" to be published in 2010. Her thoughts and techniques with regards to branding are also shared through her speaking engagements at conferences, festivals, and schools, including the Future of Web Design in New York City and SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, TX, and many more.
Her name is pronounced like that Star Wars princess.

Derek Allard Ryan Irelan
Derek Allard is Technology Architect at EllisLab, and is a programmer, author, and award-winning instructor based in Toronto, Canada (eh). He spends his days building the PHP framework CodeIgniter, and the most flexible Content Management System on the market, ExpressionEngine. Derek is a standards and accessibility supporter, a scripting and database guy, and a PHP junkie. He blogs about all things web at

Jamie Pittock
Jamie is an interaction designer and the operations director at Erskine Design. He loves what he does, dividing his days between ensuring the team/projects are running smoothly, designing awesome user experiences, and ‘messing’ in ExpressionEngine.

Jamie Rumbelow
Jamie is a vibrant, eccentric developer from Cambridge in England. A PHP and CodeIgniter Guru, a fanatic about JavaScript and mad about Ruby on Rails, Jamie spends most of his days trying out new web techniques or talking about them at conferences, in workshops and around the web. He runs his own podcast, writes for his blog and various other publications and releases open source code, libraries and tutorials to the community. In early 2009 he joined forces with Elliot Haughin to setup BinaryCake, a small boutique media publisher focusing on selling high-quality, professional and affordable screencasts.

Brandon Kelly Chris Pollock
Brandon runs Pixel & Tonic, where he explores the potential of user experience on the web. He believes that small details matter most, and have the power to create a meaningful connection between user and software.
These explorations tend to manifest themselves in ExpressionEngine add-ons. To date he has released four award-winning add-ons that have become essential to EE development. As Simon Collison, Creative Director of Erskine Design put it: “You pretty much cannot build a website without these now.”

Mark Huot
Mark Huot develops content management systems ranging in size from personal blogging tools to enterprise-scale e-commerce systems. Adhering to web standards throughout his development process, Mark creates intuitive systems that demonstrate the same kind of care and forethought present in Happy Cog’s visual and structural designs. Mark’s past projects include large-scale editorial management systems that helped clients make a seamless transition from print to the web. On the side, he enjoys tinkering with Flash and JavaScript and is a co-creator of swfIR, a client-side image replacement technique.
Mark graduated from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA with a BS degree in Digital Media. There he learned web standards and took a class using Jeffrey Zeldman’s Designing with Web Standards as a textbook. He has been passionate ever since about creating systems that adhere to the strict standards Happy Cog has put forth.

Lodewijk Schutte image
Lodewijk (Low for short) is a freelance web developer, combining his passion for clean and accessible front-end code with his love for elegant back-end code to make awesome web sites. Working for the Dutch government and Leiden University among others has stimulated him to explore and push the boundaries of ExpressionEngine, ever since its one point oh release, sometimes resulting in a useful add-on or two.
He lives and works in his brand spanking new house boat, aptly named Float:Right.

Greg Wood
Greg Wood is a designer of (mostly) websites, working with the legendary Erskine Design team in Nottingham, England. His blog, over at, is gaining popularity due to it's unique nature, but Greg still remains elusive on the World's Most Influential Bloggers Ever list.

Michael Boyink image
Michael is the founder and principal of - launched in 2008 as a platform to offer ExpressionEngine learning materials. Train-ee offered the first ExpressionEngine book, screencasts and classroom training for ExpressionEngine. Michael has helped hundreds of people learn how to use ExpressionEngine through Train-ee and his involvement in the ExpressionEngine community.
Michael Boyink has over 15 years experience building “stuff on screens” — starting in TV news production, moving to software and finally the web. He has worked for small consultancy firms and Fortune 500 companies. He is the married father of two, and when not talking about ExpressionEngine can usually be found in the garage risking life and limb pursuing his other passion of “resto-modding” a 1964 Jeep.

Travis Schmeisser
Travis Schmeisser is a Senior User Experience Designer for 80/20, where he designs desktop and mobile applications for next generation products. Active in web development and design, he's obsessed with making things simple and stretches his skills across all ends of experience design. He created Structure, which speeds up ExpressionEngine development and provides a single simple interface for clients to manage all their content. He maintains a personal site at

Leslie Flinger
Leslie Doherty, better known online as Leslie Flinger, has been part of the blogging and development community since installing Moveable Type for a graduate project back in 2003. Since then she’s taught Web Design, Programming and Applications both online and in-seat. She started freelance web work in 2004 after graduating from Western Washington University with a Masters in Information Technology where she bucked the system and studied PHP instead of Java. She’s done hundreds of sites in ExpressionEngine and is an authentic spokesperson for the community itself.
She lives north of Seattle with her two kids and husband. She hopes to own chickens one day and grow her own vegetables. She’s just sort of that saucy.
She blogs at Mrs. Flinger and can be found on twitter at @mrsflinger

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